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About Us

At Lezada, we put a strong emphasis on simplicity, quality and usefulness of fashion products over other factors. Our fashion items never get outdated. They are not short-lived as normal fashion clothes.

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How It Works

Inspired by the idea of drinkable IV solution, Pocari Sweat was born in 1980 as a hydration drink that effectively restores water and electrolytes lost through sweat

Refreshment Fueled By Science

Our team of researchers in Japan, working in the fields of health and wellness, spent years perfecting the Pocari Sweat formula and the flavor, resulting in a refreshingly unique beverage that rejuvenates the bodies and minds of active people around the world.

The light, refreshing citrus flavor (with no aftertaste) and ideal formula quench thirst fast and enable sustained hydration.

Hydration That is Smarter Than Water

Better Balance

Backed by decades of research, Pocari Sweat is designed to optimally maintain electrolyte balance whenever you sweat. Our formula is designed to imitate the natural balance of water and electrolytes in the human body to get you functioning better, sooner. It’s perfectly balanced making it enjoyable before, during or after exercise

Faster Hydration

Pocari Sweat’s unique formulation is proven to provide faster and longer lasting hydration than plain water. It replenishes lost water and electrolytes efficiently so you can recover and revitalize quickly when you sweat and feel depleted from exercise, travel, or everyday activity.

Longer Hydration

Pocari Sweat provides hydration you can truly feel that lasts longer. You feel quenched faster and longer than when just drinking water.

Pocari Sweat is scientifically proven to restore and extend your hydration level whenever you need it most. Two hours after drinking Pocari Sweat, your body retains 57% of fluids vs. 38% with water.

Study on water vs. an electrolyte beverage for prevention of traveler's thrombosis

Fluid intake is very important in preventing traveller′s thrombosis (economy class syndrome), which can occur during prolonged periods spent seated, such as when on an airplane. Otsuka Pharmaceutical conducted a study in which it chartered an airplane and flew 40 volunteers from Japan to the USA in order to research the relationship between traveller′s thrombosis and rehydration.

The test results revealed that the percentage of the fluid volume retained in the body against total intake volume during the flight in the electrolyte beverage group was significantly higher than the mineral water group (48% vs 28%) (Fig. 1).

Additionally, higher increase of the plasma volume was observed in the electrolyte beverage group, and the viscosity of venous blood collected from the feet after the flight was lower in the electrolyte beverage group than that of the mineral water group. (Fig. 2 and 3).

These results suggest that an electrolyte beverage is more effective than mineral water for hydration under conditions such as when taking a flight. The contents of this study have been mentioned in the American Medical Journal "JAMA" by Dr. Zeniya and his team at the The Jikei University School of Medicine

Restore Yourself with Pocari Sweat

Product Development Through
Scientific Research

Nutraceuticals: nutrition + pharmaceuticals

Pocari Sweat’s parent company Otsuka has been developing IV solutions since 1946. Following the launch of Pocari Sweat in 1980, Otsuka established the Saga Research Institute in 1984 as a facility to develop the company’s business in the field of nutraceuticals, products designed to contribute to people's daily health.

The Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute was the first private institution in Japan to conduct research into exercise and nutrition. Since being established, scientists have carried out numerous research projects and subsequently developed a range of new nutraceutical products backed by science.

The Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute brings together a diverse group of researchers from across the world specializing in areas of exercise and nutrition. The institute also cooperates with universities and outside research institutions, and shares research findings at academic conferences and in published scientific journals. Through this, Otsuka seeks to share information and contribute to the improvement of the health of all.

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